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…basically in every way. Getting inspiration from all over the place, meeting new people, great artists and listeners. Made my first own track, the weather is beautiful… And I listen to music all day every day… And here’s some of the beats that made my summer so great. A big thank you to all the artists involved. Keep it chilled and sweet, just like your drinks in this hot weather.

The Sea. One of the newest members of the DWK family will help you with it for sure. Chariman Maf does a great job with soundscapes and he is really into chilled, downtempo beats nowadays. Of course, he did not let us down with his last track either. Quite the opposite… this track is layered perfectly, has all the atmosphere and vibes that you would get from laying on a beach. Take the trip and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s another great release. deeB is from the Netherlands and made his first solo debut with this freely downloadable EP, called Daydream. As you can see from the title of the post, I got sucked in by the atmosphere of the tracks and the way he uses different instruments is stunning. Don’t miss out on this one. By the way, I got this link from a friend who is making beats of his own, so I’ll link his work too. Can’t go wrong with a double post!


So, the beatmaker who showed me the link also does a beautiful job with sounds. A funky track Infiltrate made a little while ago got noticed pretty quickly so I’ll link the first version of it, and check his bandcamp for the 2nd (improved version) too.

2nd verision:


It is very rare that you can find a beatkmaker / producer who sounds like something new. Well, Kognitif is one of the few who can. His tracks are an earful blend of trip hop, instrumental hip hop, electro and who knows what else… and it sounds insanely great. Little bits and pieces of space will make you want more and in no time all his beats are totally addictive. Give it a try, it’s like a drug.

…is the title of my latest mix that got very nice compliments from my present heroes in music. I am very grateful for all the listeners and feedback, hopefully I can become even better. This mix is full of classic trip hop / abstract hip hop tracks and artists but you can also hear tunes from producers who quickly became favourites in my book even though I’ve only heard them first this year. The basic idea came when a friend of mine asked if I can recommend tracks or artists that sound like Dig This Vibe by Dj Krush. My first idea for him was Dj Cam‘s Mad Blunted Jazz and then mononome, The Blue Squares and off I went on one of the finest digging trips of my life so far. I had about 1100 tracks to check and you will certainly enjoy the 23 tracks that made it into the mix. Their atmosphere and chilled vibes will probably be a trip for you just like making the mix was for me. Feed your ears!

…as we were talking about dusted wax not long ago. Maybe one of the most prominent people at Dusted Wax Kingdom is a certain Jenova 7. His tracks totally sound like the ones you would find on soundtracks, and that is not a coincidence. James also excels in indipendent film making. His second work at DWK, titled Dusted Jazz Volume 2 perfectly fits into DWK’s world and also into the contemporary trip hop or downtempo scene. Jenova 7’s atmosphere can really grab your ears and quickly become a favourite, you just have to try it. Be aware of the possibility of addiction.


…ha már a poros bakeliteknél tartottunk. Talán a legfigyelemreméltóbb előadó az előbb említett Dusted Wax Kingdom soraiban egy bizonyos Jenova 7 névre hallgató ameriakai úriember. Borzasztóan filmes hangzású trackjei nem véletlenek, ugyanis nem csak a zenében jeleskedik. Második nagylemeze, a Dusted Jazz Volume 2 egy olyan korong, ami tökéletesen megállja a helyét a mostani downtempo és a trip hop kiadványok közt. Sőt. Tényleg egy olyan film noir hangzásvilágba cseppenhetünk, ami kellőképp elvisz ahhoz, hogy nagy kedvenc legyen belőle. Próbáljátok ki, nagy valószínűséggel nem csalódás lesz a vége.

…which is quite hard in my world as I am quite adamant in the matter. I have not heard anything as complex as Long Arm‘s tunes for a very long time. Now here comes Mononome (VPD has given him the nickname “The Greek Bonobo”) and while the genre is not entirely the same, he is a worthy opponent and became one of my top ten fav producers in about 2 tracks’ time. He only uses samples from old records and mixes them with his friend, an Akai MPC to make his masterpieces. Check them out at soundcloud.

I’ll share a track here. If you disagree with me, leave a comment (nobody will care but you are free to do so anyway…)


Nagy szó, mert nagyon elvakultan állok a témához. Mostanság nem hallottam olyan összetett hangzást mint a fent említett úriemberé. Megtört a jég, itt van ez az arc, aki képes a samplinget egy új szintre emelni. Mononome állítása szerint mindent régi dalokból ollóz és nem használ digitális szoftvert, barátja egy AKAI MPC van segítségere a remekművek készítésében.

Egyetlen tracket rakok ki most ide, ha az nem győz meg, akkor bizony valami baj van a hallásoddal…

DOWNLOAD (Mononome – Dream Sequence EP)