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Thanks to TripHopNation I’ve just found a great producer from San Fransisco, called Nym. Awesome tracks all over soundcloud, bandcamp and the likes. Chilled vibes, skillful sampling, ample bass. Check it out. By the way 2003 must have been quite a year for all the producers… this week almost every track I fall in love with is from that year…


I’m not gonna waste your time, as this thing speaks for itself. It’s a must for instrumental hip hop fans. Smooth jazzy samples, sometimes sprinkled with a bit of glitch. Click on the pic and tune in to Cloud Watching Volume 1.


Nem is írnék sokat, az instrumentális hip hop kedvelőinek jól jöhet a link. Enyhe jazzes elemek, néhol felcsillan egy kis glitch. Emésszék egészséggel! Klikk a képre az ingyenletöltésért.