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A Perfect Evening

Posted: May 24, 2012 by rbbnmthrbbt in daily stuff, dj mixes
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Ok, this might be unusal on the blog but I have to write about this experience we shared yesterday. We received a link from Shoto (from Dusted Wax Kingdom) saying that he will perform live in a club in Sofia. The club had a camera set up and live feed was available from 9pm EET, which was 8 pm my time.

So I tuned in and started commenting on the link on facebook whenever something great was spinning or Shoto made a comment. And then the evening really started… We had a couple of people from the DWK family in the Chat Room on facebook just listening to Shoto killin’ it in basically every genre possible from downtempo, trip hop through jazzy instrumental hip hop, all the way to swing and electro or golden age rap tracks.

We were all awed by the great choices and praised him in the chat room and commented on the link as he could only see facebook on his iphone. Meanwhile we (VPD, Jenova 7, Radina, Esbe, Impuls, Revolted Child) kept chatting about music, the industry, memories, influences and all things that came to mind… Shoto just kept amazing us with beats that we all loved and were inspired by. The atmosphere was so vivid we all agreed that it would only be better if we could all be in that club sipping drinks and patting Shoto on the back and cheering him on, telling him never to stop. He kept updating us with what a track was if we did not know them, gave a heads up if a great dedication was coming and we just felt we want the night never to end.

At about 2:30 pm which was 3:30 in Sofia, Shoto said he’ll spin 3 more “for the road” and he did… he finished with bugseed, Kero One and Pete Philly & Prequisite…

I just wanted to say thank you to all involved, especially Shoto for the awesome beats and the club for having the live feed available. Also for VPD for inviting me into the group on facebook a while ago. I met epic artists full of love and support. It was truly a terrific experience and I am grateful that I can live in a time when a guy from Russia, another one from the US and me from Hungary can listen and watch someone perform live in Sofia while sharing our thoughts on a common channel.

Some of the artists / tracks I remember Shoto playing just to give you a sense of what a great set it was :
 GDaddie, bugseed, Nujabes, Flevans, Smoke City, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Badmarsh & Shri, Thievery Corporation, Waldeck, Flevans, KRS One, Skee-Lo and for me the highlight of the night was Jazzhole by Free the Robots.

All in all, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could just push repeat. I almost forgot… the feed usually records what’s on the camera, hopefully it did just that yesterday as well.

Here’s a little taste of how Shoto aka Stone Skipper rolls…

…as we were talking about dusted wax not long ago. Maybe one of the most prominent people at Dusted Wax Kingdom is a certain Jenova 7. His tracks totally sound like the ones you would find on soundtracks, and that is not a coincidence. James also excels in indipendent film making. His second work at DWK, titled Dusted Jazz Volume 2 perfectly fits into DWK’s world and also into the contemporary trip hop or downtempo scene. Jenova 7’s atmosphere can really grab your ears and quickly become a favourite, you just have to try it. Be aware of the possibility of addiction.


…ha már a poros bakeliteknél tartottunk. Talán a legfigyelemreméltóbb előadó az előbb említett Dusted Wax Kingdom soraiban egy bizonyos Jenova 7 névre hallgató ameriakai úriember. Borzasztóan filmes hangzású trackjei nem véletlenek, ugyanis nem csak a zenében jeleskedik. Második nagylemeze, a Dusted Jazz Volume 2 egy olyan korong, ami tökéletesen megállja a helyét a mostani downtempo és a trip hop kiadványok közt. Sőt. Tényleg egy olyan film noir hangzásvilágba cseppenhetünk, ami kellőképp elvisz ahhoz, hogy nagy kedvenc legyen belőle. Próbáljátok ki, nagy valószínűséggel nem csalódás lesz a vége.

Dusty Vinyl

Posted: April 11, 2012 by rbbnmthrbbt in albums, downloads
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Dustad Wax Kingdom is showering us with more and more stuff from brilliant producers. It’s worth keeping an eye on their page from time to time so you don’t miss anything. Like this new LP from Bulimic Orgy & Mile, titled Reverse of the Void. The dusty sound, that by the way is almost like a must at the label, is fully present and correct on the album. The atmosphere that Bulimic Orgy creates is half dark, half chilled, I guess it depends on the mood you are in. Definitely worth the trip, check it out and have a grand orgy full of eargasms!


A Dusted Wax Kingdom nevezetű netlabel ontja magából a jobbnál jobb cuccokat, folyamatosan érdemes odafigyelni a producerek munkáira. Az egyik várva várt lemez, a Bulimic Orgy & MileReverse of the Void volt számomra, ami beváltotta a hozzá fűzött reményeket. Megint egy igazán magával ragadó albumot szerkesztettek a srácok. Természetesen a poros bakelit hangzás alap, a kiadónál már már kötelezővé érett, de a sample-ök használata kiváló és a hangzásvilág finoman utaztatósra sikeredett.  Tessék tölteni, aki pedig szeretné megerőszakolni a zenebeszerzést, annak ott az egész Dusted Wax oldal, 125 lemezt leszedhet ingyen. Azt hiszem 70-ig jutottam, van benne bőven érdemleges.