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You’ll all know what I am talking about in one second. That feeling when you are so overwhelmed that you can’t describe it. There are certainly moments like that. Listen to this track. If you hear what I hear, you will have the exact feeling I did.

…I woke up and realized that the first EP of mononome was not enough. And I think all music addicts felt the same way. Now you can rest a bit easier as the sampling master dropped his second EP at Dusted Wax Kingdom, titled “The Secret Melody”. All the great favourites from his souncloud page are included. He keeps amazing us with dirty lo-fi sounds nobody else can create. Hope he will stay this way Forever… and will not be Wasted.

Greece in the House

Posted: May 20, 2012 by rbbnmthrbbt in daily stuff, dj mixes
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Today is full of superb mixes. This one is from our dear friend, Mononome. He is going to perform live at Athens Video Art Festival, so before that he published an epic live set. He uses an MPC to create masterpieces sampled from old records only. Check out this mix to get to know of the most skilled sampler badboys of our time!

…to share another epic tune. The Blue Square consists of Radim and Radical, two Greek producers working together since the summer of 2010. In the winter of 2010, they introduced the first sample of their work to the world through the two tracks: «Tic Toc» and «The Old Devil Sunshine». It was really hard to choose a track, but I had to go with Tic Toc as that was the first tune I heard from them. Listen ASAP, the clock is Toc(k)ing… I mean Tic(k)ing.