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This guy from the Dusted Wax family keeps on bringing amazing stuff one after the other… Perfect sampling and a vibe that surely fits the title of the track. Check out Beats & Hypnotism. It’s just… beautiful and hypnotic.

…beats like this? I don’t… I mean I have not heard anything remotely as good as this for a long time in the genre. Big up Andy! Innereyefull for the win. Let me see you move your feet!

…and I bring you my advertisement for Dusted Wax Kingdom, as I’ve made a mix from the catalogue’s 001-050. The mix contains most of my favourite tracks from those EPs / LPs but of course some did not make it to the mix for different reasons. I’ll probably do a 51-100 soon, but till then get your ears wrapped around this one. Get Down With the Kingdom!