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…is the title of my latest mix that got very nice compliments from my present heroes in music. I am very grateful for all the listeners and feedback, hopefully I can become even better. This mix is full of classic trip hop / abstract hip hop tracks and artists but you can also hear tunes from producers who quickly became favourites in my book even though I’ve only heard them first this year. The basic idea came when a friend of mine asked if I can recommend tracks or artists that sound like Dig This Vibe by Dj Krush. My first idea for him was Dj Cam‘s Mad Blunted Jazz and then mononome, The Blue Squares and off I went on one of the finest digging trips of my life so far. I had about 1100 tracks to check and you will certainly enjoy the 23 tracks that made it into the mix. Their atmosphere and chilled vibes will probably be a trip for you just like making the mix was for me. Feed your ears!

We want Time Travel! When do we want it? It’s irrelevant… Well in this case it’s not. Cause if you want to time travel, today is the day. Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods teamed up for a new release, titled Time Travelers. We have been waiting patiently and the time has come… Check the DWK site today for the ultimate chillout. Free download.

The King of Collabs

Posted: April 21, 2012 by rbbnmthrbbt in info
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You might now the guilty parties present in this trio from older posts, but it’s well worth checking them out one by one as for sure. Thing is, these three awesome producers have recently announced that they will join forces in order to create something that will shake your world. And so they did.  MononomeMr. Moods és Jenova 7 together known as Wax Triptych has released its 1st track. Eargasm!

Az előző posztokból ismerhetitek már az alábbi trió tagjait, de ha mégsem, akkor egyenként is érdemes utánuk nézni. Tehát az a helyzet, hogy nem rég bejelentette ez a három zseni, hogy közösen megpróbálnak valami újat alkotni. Sikerült. Mononome, Mr. Moods és Jenova 7 létrehozta a Wax Triptych nevezetű kollaborációt, aminek első trackje már hallgatható és kőkemény.

…as we were talking about dusted wax not long ago. Maybe one of the most prominent people at Dusted Wax Kingdom is a certain Jenova 7. His tracks totally sound like the ones you would find on soundtracks, and that is not a coincidence. James also excels in indipendent film making. His second work at DWK, titled Dusted Jazz Volume 2 perfectly fits into DWK’s world and also into the contemporary trip hop or downtempo scene. Jenova 7’s atmosphere can really grab your ears and quickly become a favourite, you just have to try it. Be aware of the possibility of addiction.


…ha már a poros bakeliteknél tartottunk. Talán a legfigyelemreméltóbb előadó az előbb említett Dusted Wax Kingdom soraiban egy bizonyos Jenova 7 névre hallgató ameriakai úriember. Borzasztóan filmes hangzású trackjei nem véletlenek, ugyanis nem csak a zenében jeleskedik. Második nagylemeze, a Dusted Jazz Volume 2 egy olyan korong, ami tökéletesen megállja a helyét a mostani downtempo és a trip hop kiadványok közt. Sőt. Tényleg egy olyan film noir hangzásvilágba cseppenhetünk, ami kellőképp elvisz ahhoz, hogy nagy kedvenc legyen belőle. Próbáljátok ki, nagy valószínűséggel nem csalódás lesz a vége.