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…basically in every way. Getting inspiration from all over the place, meeting new people, great artists and listeners. Made my first own track, the weather is beautiful… And I listen to music all day every day… And here’s some of the beats that made my summer so great. A big thank you to all the artists involved. Keep it chilled and sweet, just like your drinks in this hot weather.

You’ll all know what I am talking about in one second. That feeling when you are so overwhelmed that you can’t describe it. There are certainly moments like that. Listen to this track. If you hear what I hear, you will have the exact feeling I did.

…I woke up and realized that the first EP of mononome was not enough. And I think all music addicts felt the same way. Now you can rest a bit easier as the sampling master dropped his second EP at Dusted Wax Kingdom, titled “The Secret Melody”. All the great favourites from his souncloud page are included. He keeps amazing us with dirty lo-fi sounds nobody else can create. Hope he will stay this way Forever… and will not be Wasted.

Greece in the House

Posted: May 20, 2012 by rbbnmthrbbt in daily stuff, dj mixes
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Today is full of superb mixes. This one is from our dear friend, Mononome. He is going to perform live at Athens Video Art Festival, so before that he published an epic live set. He uses an MPC to create masterpieces sampled from old records only. Check out this mix to get to know of the most skilled sampler badboys of our time!

The King of Collabs

Posted: April 21, 2012 by rbbnmthrbbt in info
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You might now the guilty parties present in this trio from older posts, but it’s well worth checking them out one by one as for sure. Thing is, these three awesome producers have recently announced that they will join forces in order to create something that will shake your world. And so they did.  MononomeMr. Moods és Jenova 7 together known as Wax Triptych has released its 1st track. Eargasm!

Az előző posztokból ismerhetitek már az alábbi trió tagjait, de ha mégsem, akkor egyenként is érdemes utánuk nézni. Tehát az a helyzet, hogy nem rég bejelentette ez a három zseni, hogy közösen megpróbálnak valami újat alkotni. Sikerült. Mononome, Mr. Moods és Jenova 7 létrehozta a Wax Triptych nevezetű kollaborációt, aminek első trackje már hallgatható és kőkemény.

…which is quite hard in my world as I am quite adamant in the matter. I have not heard anything as complex as Long Arm‘s tunes for a very long time. Now here comes Mononome (VPD has given him the nickname “The Greek Bonobo”) and while the genre is not entirely the same, he is a worthy opponent and became one of my top ten fav producers in about 2 tracks’ time. He only uses samples from old records and mixes them with his friend, an Akai MPC to make his masterpieces. Check them out at soundcloud.

I’ll share a track here. If you disagree with me, leave a comment (nobody will care but you are free to do so anyway…)


Nagy szó, mert nagyon elvakultan állok a témához. Mostanság nem hallottam olyan összetett hangzást mint a fent említett úriemberé. Megtört a jég, itt van ez az arc, aki képes a samplinget egy új szintre emelni. Mononome állítása szerint mindent régi dalokból ollóz és nem használ digitális szoftvert, barátja egy AKAI MPC van segítségere a remekművek készítésében.

Egyetlen tracket rakok ki most ide, ha az nem győz meg, akkor bizony valami baj van a hallásoddal…

DOWNLOAD (Mononome – Dream Sequence EP)