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…basically in every way. Getting inspiration from all over the place, meeting new people, great artists and listeners. Made my first own track, the weather is beautiful… And I listen to music all day every day… And here’s some of the beats that made my summer so great. A big thank you to all the artists involved. Keep it chilled and sweet, just like your drinks in this hot weather.

I’ve never thought I would make beats of my own, but here we are… a couple of days ago I heard a song on a series I’m watching and the piano just stuck. I’m proud to present you my very first own track, titled A Man of Dreams. I’ve received very nice compliments on it but I know it could have been better. Nonetheless I took my first baby steps and the second track is in the works. Enjoy.

…is the title of my latest mix that got very nice compliments from my present heroes in music. I am very grateful for all the listeners and feedback, hopefully I can become even better. This mix is full of classic trip hop / abstract hip hop tracks and artists but you can also hear tunes from producers who quickly became favourites in my book even though I’ve only heard them first this year. The basic idea came when a friend of mine asked if I can recommend tracks or artists that sound like Dig This Vibe by Dj Krush. My first idea for him was Dj Cam‘s Mad Blunted Jazz and then mononome, The Blue Squares and off I went on one of the finest digging trips of my life so far. I had about 1100 tracks to check and you will certainly enjoy the 23 tracks that made it into the mix. Their atmosphere and chilled vibes will probably be a trip for you just like making the mix was for me. Feed your ears!

Third time’s the charm. So the last mix for today is my very own selection of Dusted Wax Kingdom‘s 051-100. It was very hard to choose from 506 tracks. Everything the netlabel publishes is golden, so had a rough time with choosing the right ones. Well, BPMs and keys helped a lot and I hope everybody will enjoy this little trip to the Kingdoms again. Spread the word, share the love and enjoy Dope Wax Knowledge!

Hi there!

I’m ribbonmouthrabbit, rmr for short. If this is your first time here, let me just tell you what this blog is all about. MUSIC, in a nutshell. To clarify, I have been an avid collector for half my life, started with hip hop, then drum and bass, electronic stuff, jungle, downtempo, trip hop, easy listening, jazz and everything in between.

I’ve started mixing late 2011. So basically the page is about what I’ve found during my travels on the web, or what others recommended to listen to. You can also get a link to my mixes and download them for free. When I can I’ll also provide download links for free albums from netlabels and such.

There is always stuff behind the pictures!
Read the rules, jump in and feed your ears!


…and I bring you my advertisement for Dusted Wax Kingdom, as I’ve made a mix from the catalogue’s 001-050. The mix contains most of my favourite tracks from those EPs / LPs but of course some did not make it to the mix for different reasons. I’ll probably do a 51-100 soon, but till then get your ears wrapped around this one. Get Down With the Kingdom!

It was quite a while ago but for me it was a great day. Not because it’s the International Day of Work but because Dimitar, the founder of Dusted Wax Kingdom has asked me for one of my mixes to publish it as a podcast. I told him to choose any one he likes and I’ll be happy to provide it for download.

He chose ‘From Earth to Moon on the Crow’, which is partly made of tracks from producers at DWK. A great choice from VPD. As I have already written two articles about DWK, I’m not gonna praise them again, I’ll let my future mixes do that instad of me. I’m very happy that one of my favourite netlabels published my work and I get a really good vibe from the guys in the Kingdom. You can listen to the mix by clicking on the pic. Free download is available as well at Let the Crow guide you…


Igaz nem most volt, de számomra nagy nap volt. Nem azért mert munkamániás lennék, vagy mert ünnepnap. Igaz nekem most már duplán az. Az történt ugyanis hogy felkért a Dusted Wax Kingdom feje, hogy kiadhassa az egyik mixem. Természetesen örömmel engedtem hogy vigye, amelyiket csak akarja. A választása a “From Earth to Moon on the Crow” nevezetű mixemre esett, aminek egy része épp a DWK berkeiből származó trackekből áll. Mivel már két cikkben is volt szó róluk, mondanom sem kell, hogy nagy volt az öröm, hogy az egyik kedvenc netlabelömnél jelenhet meg a válogatás. A képre kattintva már hallgatható is, letölteni pedig jobb klikk “Save Link As… / Link Mentése Másként” opcióval lehet. Jó utazást a Varjún!

….way back! Into the 90s. Was an unbelievable time, with so many different influences in music, we did not even know what we want. One of those influences was the great golden era of hip hop and rap which was quite inspiring for lots of people regarding lifestyle, taste in music, maybe even carrier-wise. Baggy trousers, spraycans, skateboards… lots of stuff could be mentioned in connection with that period for those who had the luck of being teens at the time.

I think my first experience with hip hop was Cypress Hill‘s Black Sunday album during a streetball session, and there was no stopping then… until about 2001. Well, Hip Hop is definitely not dead, but it did die for me a little after 2000, but let me try to bring it back for you for an hour. Get your boomboxes out and nod your head to the beat!

…a 90-es évekbe. Hihetetlen időszak volt, annyi behatás ért minket, hogy azt sem tudtuk mit akarunk. Ezek egyike volt a hip hop / rap korszak, ami rengeteg ember számára meghatározó lett, életvitel, zene ízlés, netán karrier szempontból is. Bő nadrág, festékes flakon, gördeszka… rengeteg minden kapcsolódik hozzá azoknak, akik megélhették.

Jómagam először az igazi rappel talán a Cypress Hill Black Sunday című albumán keresztül találkoztam egy utcai kosarazás közben, és onnan nem volt megállás. Nem ragozom tovább, úgyis mindenki, akinek tudnia kell, tudja miről beszélek.

Egy bő órára kicsit visszahoznám nektek is ezt az időszakot, megfűszerezve néhány nem olyan régi track-kel. Elő a boomboxokkal!